Race Recap - Duathlon National Championships

This race was nearly a month ago and I haven’t written about it yet. I wasn’t certain I would. But, as the weeks have past I experienced the upside of dealing with a race that didn’t go as planned. I also realized that part of what I really wanted to write about today would never had happened without going through that experience. I have been practicing some mediation and focus techniques along side of my physical training this season. Finding the sweet spot, being just calm enough and just agitated enough to race really well has been a challenge. Some folks know exactly what mindset puts them in the mood to have a great race. Apparently, it can take trial and error to figure it out. Being

Nutrition Tip - Snacks for busy athletes

Most likely if you are working out and training every day, maybe twice a day, three meals won't be enough. Snacking in between meals becomes critical for keeping your energy up and supporting all your hard work. Not snacking or choosing the wrong snacks can derail your training efforts and negatively affect your race performances as well as your overall health. There isn't a exact number of meals or amount calories that works for everyone. While keeping the quality of your diet high (think whole foods, fruits, grains, nuts not donuts, bagels and chips) try to spread out your intake over the course of the day while keeping the amount of calories you eat the same. The most important thing is t

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