Your First Triathlon: How it all started for me...and how you can do it too.

Getting ready for next month's launch of the "Beginner and Novice Triathlon Training Group," I have been thinking about my own first race. It's a fun story because it also marks the first year I coached a group of new triathletes to the finish line. I had been working as a full-time personal trainer for a few years, and another woman at the gym had been leading the tri-club. That year she passed the reigns on to me because, well, I could swim, run, and owned a bike (and was pretty good at keeping folks in line :) ). About twenty budding racers and I trained together for fourteen weeks. Some of the group learned to swim. Some of the group re-learned how to ride a bike. We all improved, and we

Nutrition Coaching for Cyclists and Endurance Athletes

When you are training and working hard to improve your fitness and cycling performance, proper nutrition can often be the missing link. Don’t let those hard earned miles go to waste with poor eating habits. We all know nutrition is key when riding long distances – if you’ve ever experienced “hitting the wall” or “bonking” on the bike, far from home, you’ll never forget to at least bring something to eat. But there is more to simply surviving the miles – you also want to have fun, go fast, and enjoy your time training and be able to race at the top of your hard earned ability. Nutritional choices before, during and after training are critical but so are ALL the meals in between. How you eat

UPCOMING: Beginner and Novice Triathlon Training Group!

Hey guys! It's happening! I am super to excited to be offering a totally awesome training program for first time triathletes coming up in May!! If you've never raced or you are a beginner or novice looking to improve your skills this summer this program is for you. Shoot me a message or an email with any questions. This is gonna be FUN! Here are the deets... Beginner/Novice Triathlon Training Program BEGINS MAY 6TH What: 12 Week Training Plan for Sprint Distance Triathlon (Free Training Peaks Account included) Training Plan accommodates brand new triathletes as well as more experienced novice racers looking for guidance. Plan includes: Weekly Coached Workouts on Wednes

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