Weekend Update: Camp cooking and riding in the woods.

Pics: Mountain, Mountain Bike Selfie, and Power Pose! Headed up to Mt. Hood this weekend to ride some trails and sleep under the stars. Rode Surveyors Ridge trail on Saturday which is a pretty sweet out and back with rolling hills and some serious vistas. Sunday I headed out for a loopy cruise around 8-mile and Knebal Springs trails. Aside from riding right out of of my favorite parts of these trips is cooking on the camp-stove and eating by the fire. This weekends menu consisted of... Dinner Day One: Hamburgers with pickles (a camp special) with pea and kale salad. I'll get pre-made burgers and deli salads on the way out of town - makes this meal super easy. Breakfast: Grilled En

Recipe: Raspberry Quinoa Lentil Salad

I bought a boat-load of raspberries and have been eating them in everything from oatmeal to smoothies to dinner salads. Here's a delicious whole-grain salad recipe with a hint of sweet and tart from the berries from the latest IDEA Fitness Journal. "Nutrition research suggests that eating more dietary fiber provides lots of health benefits, from weight-control to better blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels. Eating a wide range of high-fiber foods also feeds the microbiome in our digestive tracts. And when our microbial friends are well-fed, research suggest we are less prone to health woes like heart disease, diabetes and even depression." That's cool! "On the flip side, a diet low in fi

One step, then another and another = GOAL!

As I was writing this email to a new client today I was struck with how relevant my advice was to myself. No matter what habits you are trying to change or goals you are trying to achieve...the best approach is step by step with full commitment to the dream. What are you working on?? "Great to meet you ---! The number one thing I have seen women struggle with is trying to get into a routine that puts their own health and wellness a priority again after years of doing for others. The biggest challenge is breaking free of old habits and making sustainable new ones. The habits we have now took years, ah decades! to form. Ignoring them and attempting to creating an entirely new way fo doing thin

Are you ready for a change?

I'll often work with folks for months, building strength doing personal training sessions or coaching them for endurance events, before they are ready to dig into the nutrition side of things. It's a really big deal! Fueling yourself to perform at your best or alter your body composition doesn't have to be complicated but it does require some effort and attention. Here's a note I wrote to a client who's been getting stronger and fitter and reached out about taking things to the next level. You'll read about the Nutrition Coaching process and how I work with clients to sort things out.:-) "Ok! You are working hard and it shows! The next piece of the puzzle is working on how you feed your body

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