Conquering Cravings - I want that!

“I want THAT!” Waahhh. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Can’t you here it? Your inner child stomps it’s foot and demands that you eat that chocolate right now! Cravings and urges are like that. We aren’t even hungry, we just ate, it’s late at night and we have to have something to eat. But, really, you need it! Really? The more we give into our inner child’s urges the more he or she demands. We all know this is true. Caving in to cravings doesn’t always stop the feeling but often leaves us wanting more and more. What can we do to quell the cravings, calm the urges and stick to our healthy habits? Think about the urge like a wave. Every wave rises, crests and falls. The craving wave behaves the sa

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