A different approach to reaching big goals.

We made it! My goodness that was a heck of a year! While there were some seriously sketchy patches and big old bumps in the road, 2018 was mighty monumental. Following last year's unexpected Mexican "event" my motto became "Stronger than Ever" and my focus was rebuilding my fitness from the ground up. Looking back, I can say, mission accomplished. For those of you that don't know, I had what's called a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage while visiting Cabo San Lucas last November. This totally random thing left me in the hospital for a few weeks and then recovering at home for another few months. I can truly attest to the power of a clean slate! (Imagine that the slate gets cleaned anytime you ge

November Resolutions (Repost from 2009)

Slowing migrating posts from old bloggy to this new one. Working on a fresh goal setting article today and went through archives to dig up some of my musing from the past. So much has changed. So much has stayed the same. My technique for setting and achieving goals has certainly evolved over the years but I think it's worth checking in with my past self on occasion. I used to set "resolutions" in November. Here's a version from nearly a decade ago. (Original post 12/4/2009) Why wait two months to make changes and get what you want out of life or be the person you want to be. Start now! A weekend of mini Milky Way bars and pints of dark beer are enough of a motivation for me. I love both of

How to make soup super simple!

Coming home from a chilly winter ride? Soups are perfect way to de-thaw and refuel your body quickly with loads of vitamins, minerals and a balance of macro-nutrients. Instead of opening a can loaded with sodium and mushy vegetables, why not whip up a very easy semi-homemade version you can customize to taste and use whatever you've got on hand. No recipe required! Step One: Build you Base (just like training!) The tastiest soups start with a combo of "aromatics" or highly fragrant veggies like onions and garlic. Start by sautéing together a cup of onions, two cloves of garlic in about two TBSPs of good olive oil. Throw in some carrot and celery too if you've got them. Cook until softened an

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