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Bloggy - November Resolutions 2014

While writing my November Resolutions (in December this year) I brought up all my past versions, starting in 2009. They all made it to this new blog except last years. So I am reposting it. It will give me a good touch stone as I launch into this new year.


I can't believe it’s been 6 years since launching Manifest the Best and writing my very first blog post. Looking back this morning I can say for sure I've come a long way and continue to chip away at goals I haven't yet achieved. Often, I realize now, success doesn't have a start or end date. As long as you are trying, you are succeeding.

In 2009, when I wrote that first piece, I had just begun my career as a trainer and coach and completed my first sprint distance triathlon with an awesome group of other newbies. Happy to report I'm a little faster these days. Better with age? Maybe. Better with practice? For sure. Next September, I'll compete in Chicago at the Triathlon World Championships.

Career wise, I've gone through ups and downs trying to figure out just how I want to participate in my industry. Educating, supporting and inspiring people to live happy healthy lives is where I thrive. This year I have created an awesome network of profession relationships geared toward furthering this vision. RemyFitness will be the new home for my blog and the place to find the schedule for group classes, nutrition courses, private coaching options, as well as recipes and silly stories.

For the past couple of years I’ve started thinking about my own personal resolutions a few months before January. The first year I did this, I hadn’t yet started racing cyclocross and had just come back from a weekend away spectating. My diet was falling off track and I needed an overhaul of bad habits (those darn maltballs!) and a return to healthy living. Inspired by what I’d seen at cyclocross events, I set 3 specific goals to get me motivated and challenged.

The next November I asked myself, “Did I achieve what I had set out to last November?”

Yup, I had. And more.

That was an incredible year of competition in triathlon and bike racing. I learned more about myself and my abilities than I could ever have imagined. This strength and confidence carried over into my career life and my ‘real’ life. I’m a better trainer, more knowledgeable, more motivated. I’m a more experienced coach. I’m a better cook!

What about you? How has this year been for you? Are last year’s resolutions accomplished? If so, don’t disregard your success! Congratulations! If your plans are still unfinished, what can you do over the next two months to get closer to your goals? You’ve got time to try, time to take risks, time to regroup. Trust me. A lot can happen with hard work and focus.

A friend of mine recently shared a perspective on resolutions and goal setting that really resonated with me: set both large and small goals. Some should be specific and some more general. We all need several paths to get to our destinations. When one doesn’t work out, it’s good to have some leeway. So, how about this.

Before you set this year’s resolutions, look back and think about what you have already accomplished. There are probably lots of amazing things you’ve done that you forgot you did. In your career, at home, in your creative life, for your inner self…what brilliant, magic, awesome things have happened? Write those down.

List 25 things you’ve done. For example – grew a garden, taught my kids to like healthy eating (sometimes), tried Zumba and loved it, ran a 5K, got a new job, gave myself more time to rest.

Then, looking at that list, set your course for 2015. Aim your compass at your dreams. Be both precise and broad in setting your goals. Set resolutions that won’t box you in or risk setting you up for failure. Strive to set resolutions and intentions that motivate, inspire, and drive you passionately and fluidly into the next year of your life.

There is something powerful about knowing you are creating the future you want. The truth is – no one else can do it but YOU. Let everyone else can wait until January. Do it NOW!

And remember, most importantly, keep it fun☺


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