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Why We Train - Better Together (March 11, 2016)

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Why We Train: Better Together (March 11, 2016)

Firstly, YOU all deserve a BIG high-five, and a thank-you. This winter we hunkered down and came together as a team to get the work done and make it to spring. Your energy and support these past few months has been phenomenal. This bunch of athletes really is something special.

The beginning of the year we focused our time and attention on "base" building. We spent workouts focusing on our swim, bike and run technique. We slowly built back our fitness. We do this so we can go farther, faster later in the season. Base building is critical and forms the foundation upon which all subsequent training is built. Effective base training prepares you to achieve higher performance peaks and greatly reduces the risk of injury during higher intensity training to come.

Incorporating all the drills we do trains the nervous system to swim/bike/run even more effectively and efficiently. Training your body to maximize every ounce of expended energy will help you race your best once fitness has peaked.

Combine this practice with a solid mental game and we've got a winning combination. I am a firm believer in mantras, hippy-dippy as it might sound. When in the middle of a crazy hard effort you don't want just any old thoughts popping into your head. You want fast ones, strong ones. You want to hold on to words that push you and keep your eye on the prize.

Check out how a couple of team mates took their winter technique training into a couple of the first spring power tests and CRUSHED.

Putting all her hours of practice in the barn this winter to use, with a thought out and perfectly executed plan, Deb V. ran her first outdoor timed mile at the track as FAST as she did mid-summer last season (tip-top shape!). Her secret? Repeating..."High knees, high knees, hips up, hips up, and go!" the entire 4 laps. How cool is that?!

Putting the puzzle together is what its all about.

Following his plan to break the bike time trial up into 3 bite-sized pieces, and focusing on cadance and pedal stroke, Shawn K.'s FTP went up 20% from his last effort. Amazing!

Let your technique training guide you through the season to reach your goals of going further and faster.



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