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Race Recap - Duathlon National Championships

This race was nearly a month ago and I haven’t written about it yet. I wasn’t certain I would. But, as the weeks have past I experienced the upside of dealing with a race that didn’t go as planned. I also realized that part of what I really wanted to write about today would never had happened without going through that experience.

I have been practicing some mediation and focus techniques along side of my physical training this season. Finding the sweet spot, being just calm enough and just agitated enough to race really well has been a challenge. Some folks know exactly what mindset puts them in the mood to have a great race. Apparently, it can take trial and error to figure it out. Being calm and confident worked in my local races but didn’t have the same effect on the larger stage at Nationals. Bottomline, I needed a little more agro and a little less zen.

Driving home from Bend after two disappointing results at the Duathlon National Championship races, I was uplifted by my amazing and fast friends and competition and inspired to take the opportunity to learn from the experience and make this race weekend monumental in my endurance sport adventure.

“Oooookay! THAT didn’t work!” Hmmmm “Well, what went wrong?” I had a hard time answering this without the help of my “tell-it-like-it-is” Coach. After digging through the race, the before, the after and the during, we confirmed that my mindset needed a bit of work.

I was TOO focused on staying calm and positive (but it worked before!!) and when things went sideways, my legs screamed and the hill loomed, I tried to correct using my brain (never do that during a race!) instead of relying on what I had been trained to do.

Had I planned to return my ever roaming attention to my body and my technique I never would have gotten lost in a train of thought that broke me down and kept me from racing like I can.


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