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One step, then another and another = GOAL!

As I was writing this email to a new client today I was struck with how relevant my advice was to myself. No matter what habits you are trying to change or goals you are trying to achieve...the best approach is step by step with full commitment to the dream. What are you working on??

"Great to meet you ---! The number one thing I have seen women struggle with is trying to get into a routine that puts their own health and wellness a priority again after years of doing for others. The biggest challenge is breaking free of old habits and making sustainable new ones. The habits we have now took years, ah decades! to form. Ignoring them and attempting to creating an entirely new way fo doing things is very tempting and very hard. Efforts to smash it all and start over tend not to last long. The old habits pop up pretty fast. This is exactly why we made a plan to come to three classes next week and not five. This is also why pulling the e-brake and jumping into a "diet" is not part of the solution. Your mission is to slowly, bit by bit, build up the habits that create the life you really want. A life that, in your case, looks like a badass Mom on the ski slopes in her flashy puffer coat. Set your sights on that and take a step forward today, and again tomorrow that helps you get there. Have fun exploring a couple new classes this week and make sure you've got a fruit or veggie serving at every meal. Check in with me before the weekend and let me know how it went."

Onward! Remy


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