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Weekend Update: Camp cooking and riding in the woods.

Pics: Mountain, Mountain Bike Selfie, and Power Pose!

Headed up to Mt. Hood this weekend to ride some trails and sleep under the stars. Rode Surveyors Ridge trail on Saturday which is a pretty sweet out and back with rolling hills and some serious vistas. Sunday I headed out for a loopy cruise around 8-mile and Knebal Springs trails. Aside from riding right out of camp...one of my favorite parts of these trips is cooking on the camp-stove and eating by the fire.

This weekends menu consisted of...

Dinner Day One: Hamburgers with pickles (a camp special) with pea and kale salad. I'll get pre-made burgers and deli salads on the way out of town - makes this meal super easy.

Breakfast: Grilled English muffins with peanut butter and banana, scrambled eggs and coffee, coffee, coffee. I just got a teeny-weeny little cast-iron pan for eggs and its awesome.

Dinner Day Two: Grilled kabobs and corn on the cob. Again, the kabobs I picked up pre-made at the grocery and the corn tastes SO good after a long ride. This was served on a bed of greens (box o' salad). Super easy, feels fancy pants and tastes darn good when your hungry :-)

Stuff to snack on: Beef jerky, goldfish, carrots and hummus, chocolate covered almonds and smoked oysters on crackers (yup, I'll only eat this in the woods).

What are your camp faves???


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