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November Resolutions (Repost from 2009)

Slowing migrating posts from old bloggy to this new one. Working on a fresh goal setting article today and went through archives to dig up some of my musing from the past. So much has changed. So much has stayed the same. My technique for setting and achieving goals has certainly evolved over the years but I think it's worth checking in with my past self on occasion. I used to set "resolutions" in November. Here's a version from nearly a decade ago.

(Original post 12/4/2009)

Why wait two months to make changes and get what you want out of life or be the person you want to be. Start now! A weekend of mini Milky Way bars and pints of dark beer are enough of a motivation for me. I love both of those things and I intend to enjoy them. However, there is a catch. Moderation! That's right. A little here, a little there. Moderating is like balancing - something we are always striving for - it keeps us aware and engaged and constantly tweaking our lives. If we found absolutely balance we'd stop moving - if we always lived moderately we'd be bored. I had an amazing weekend in Astoria at the CrossCrusade cyclocross races with Andrew and a group of our friends. Everyone was there to race hard, laugh and cheer, celebrate, kick back and have fun. I took the weekend off from my own athletics to support Andrew in his. (He did super great too - top finishes!) On our way home on Sunday I emptied my coat pockets of bottle caps and silver wrappers and planned my attack to level the scale - probably quite literally:) I'd been thinking my routine need a shake up. My workouts didn't seen to actually be "working". They seemed hard to get through and failing to produce results. I'd also picked up a naughty habit of grabbing a handful of malted milk balls each time I went through the grocery store. (I've been know to run to store more than once a day.) So, after a restful couple of days sweetened with Halloween candy and hops I'm ready to set some November Resolutions!

#1 Only 7 pieces of chocolate a week! My name is Remy and I'm a chocoholic. I was up to nearly 30! I think this resolution will make me feel a lot better - maybe a little lighter - but if it doesn't I'll re-evaluate next month. (Just in time for cookies and pie:)

#2 30 minutes of Strength training using CHALLENGING weights 3 x a week. You'd think working in a gym that this wouldn't be a problem but I just seemed to find something else to do. (Like go to the grocery store)

#3 I won't just "do" cardiovascular exercise - I'll make it work!! I'm starting Metabolic/Lactic Treshhold cardio training this month. I've set a weekly plan of action and plan to stick to it. Tomorrow I'm putting myself through a Fitness Performance Assessment and will see great improvements by years end! I will keep getting better and faster and stronger because I will keep setting goals and I will always keep trying.

What are you're November's Resolutions?


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