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A different approach to reaching big goals.

We made it! My goodness that was a heck of a year! While there were some seriously sketchy patches and big old bumps in the road, 2018 was mighty monumental.

Following last year's unexpected Mexican "event" my motto became "Stronger than Ever" and my focus was rebuilding my fitness from the ground up. Looking back, I can say, mission accomplished.

For those of you that don't know, I had what's called a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage while visiting Cabo San Lucas last November. This totally random thing left me in the hospital for a few weeks and then recovering at home for another few months. I can truly attest to the power of a clean slate! (Imagine that the slate gets cleaned anytime you get the opportunity for what feels like a fresh start, a do-over or a new beginning. New house, new job, break up, kids.)

When we find ourselves in new and different places (sometimes unexpected, sometimes planned) it's often a great time to form new habits or get rid of some we'd rather leave behind. Clearing my heart and mind of all expectations (including training and race goals) I was able to experience positive and powerful successes without the pressure of striving for a certain outcome.

Outcome based goals can be very hard to manage. These are goals aimed at accomplishing a particular thing and disregard the process. They have their place for sure. Personally, this year I was totally focused on the process which allowed me room to move, to grow, to fall back and to move ahead again without getting caught up in how it was all "supposed" to go. Its curious why this approach resulted in bigger gains and even more "wins". I enjoy setting big goals and pushing past all the BS I throw in front on myself as I try to reach them. Sometimes, outcome based goals are super motivating and sometimes they are just too rigid to be fun.

I learned a ton about how to set goals that actual inspire me and how best to create a process of smaller steps that take me from little wins to big ones!

I've been blabbing on about the importance of setting goals and dreaming big for ages. This year led to some new discoveries. I'll be sharing more of these thoughts and ideas in upcoming blog posts.


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