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Hey Coach: I want to be a triathlete but can't find the time to train!

Hey Coach,

This year has been a doozy. I was so excited to train for a sprint distance triathlon but am finding it really hard to fit everything in to my crazy schedule. Between home schooling my son, working from home and the demands of daily life, I'm tapped out. I don't want to give up on the dream or turn training into something stressful.

-Exhausted Athlete

Dear Exhausted Athlete,

I totally understand. Incorporating training and racing into our already busy lives is a huge challenge. It's part of what makes triathlon so rewarding. But, it can also make life more stressful. And no one needs that. 

If what you are looking for is a challenge (and a sporty one) there may be other ways to approach it. For now. Lucky for us, triathlon is three different sports! It's possible to spend your time and energy on just one at a time and slowly incorporate the next, and the next, before putting it all together. 

You might consider focusing on biking or running right now. Get excited about that. Set a fun and relatively tough (but totally do-able) goal for the end of the year. Maybe seeing how you can improve your 5k time? Or you could focus on the bike aspect of things; add some more specific work into your rides and spend the winter developing your power on the trainer. 

There's no time line for our dreams, not really. In any case, I hear you.

It's a new month --  a new start! Let go of any pressure around this if you can. Get back to enjoying exercise and fitting it into your life.

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