• Remy Maguire

New Month = Fresh Start

Ahh September. The best month of the year. I am a believer that September is a lot like January, but better.

There's something in the air. The back-to-school vibe. It just feels fresh. There's this sense of renewed possibility and a zing of energy buzzing around that thrills me.

I've mentioned before how much I appreciate the start of a new month, or new year. Begin! Again!

Looking ahead at a clean slate, getting excited about new adventures, new challenges, new things to try, can be really fun.

This September is unlike any we've experienced before. There's been such upheaval and disruption it's hard to differentiate one day from the next.

But, I'd like to try. Let's try. Today opens up a new chapter. An opportunity to be charge of the change!

You could make a small switch, like getting new bedding or do some minor decorating. Or, make a big move, adopt a pet, quit a job!

I want to seize some of my power back and make this month mean something.

I'm also going to start small. I've let some of my good habits go. Like drinking enough water. So that's my first goal. 64 oz a day!

The other immediate thing is health and nutrition related too. Go figure. I've been saying "screw it" a lot more often these days. So, I'm backing up my message as a coach; "plan your snacks". There have been a lot of random (unnecessary) munchies lately. It's time to knock that off.

I've got some other ideas and things I'm stoked to get started on but this is enough for now. If you were setting new goals, or resolutions right now...what would you like to do?

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