• Remy Maguire

Small Group Training is where it's at!

Updated: Sep 9

I am thrilled to be able to offer a safe, fun, and effective way to put strength training back into your routine!  I have been leading these small group workouts in the park since COVID-19 restrictions closed our gyms. Fresh air and a few friends make hard work feel easier and much more enjoyable.  You can expect every session to begin with a dynamic warm up followed by about thirty minutes of work (body weight moves, plyometrics, bench and band exercises) aimed to develop both general and triathlon specific strength and flexibility. Incorporating regular strength training right now is a smart move. It's so important to feel strong and healthy. Time and energy spent on this kind of work will pay off NOW and down the road. There is a well maintained bark chip/gravel path around the perimeter of the park that we will use for run intervals occasionally. If you arrive early to the park, walking or jogging this path is a terrific way to pre-warm up.  These small group sessions provide a solid workout with a bit of much needed socialization. The limited size allows me to give each participant more of my attention and more personal coaching. In other words, I can keep a closer eye on you whether you like it or not :-) These workouts are 100% suited to all fitness levels and experience with strength training. There are modifications and options for everyone. If you have specific needs, injuries, or concerns, please reach out and let me know before class if possible.  More than anything, it feels darn good to move the body this way, especially now. I hope to see you on Monday night.  One last thing -- there are eight tables that can accommodate eight individuals OR quarantine couples, pairs and pals. If you are comfortable sharing space with someone we can make that work safely too. Just let me know who's coming. 

Park Strength What: Strength training in the park Where: Wilshire Park; Corner of NE 33rd Ave and NE Skidmore When: MONDAY 6PM, Tuesday 10am, Wednesday 8am, Friday 10am Focus: This session is all about getting and staying strong outside of the gym. We will use the open park space and picnic tables for strength training. There is enough space for 9 people to have their own table. After a warm up, we will go through a varied workout with sets of bodyweight exercises and some using hand weights and resistance bands with run/jog intervals in btw. You can expect to run from 1/2 mile - 2 miles max. There is a nice .6 mile bark chip path around the park. If you arrive early to class this is a great way to warm up. Bring: Water bottle and towel. Optional: Yoga mat that you are willing to use on the ground, any resistance bands of your own and hand sanitizer is helpful but not needed. I have some extra equipment, hand sanitizer and wipes for cleaning. Note: The park bathrooms are open and the water fountains are on! SIGN UP FOR CLASS!  Yours in Health, Remy 

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