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Tell us all about it! Beginner Triathlon Training Testimonials

Updated: Sep 9

"Remy coached us through a pandemic and I wouldn’t have stuck to the plan without her. The Beginner’s Series started when I was 3 months post-op recovery from a major procedure. I joined the group to get back to a basic fitness level and build relationships with other beginners in a structured coached setting. After our second group workout, COVID-19 hit Oregon and we were no longer able to meet in person. With the newly added pandemic stressors, it wasn’t long before I stopped following the training plan. Remy called me and our conversation ended with her saying “I believe that you’re going to meet your goals”.  She believed in me when I was beginning to think that I wasn’t the right “type” for triathlon. Remy met me where I was at. She adapted training plans and kept coaching us individually via text, email and phone calls. I began to enjoy training alone. Working remotely with Remy provided a sense of comfort during a tumultuous and uncertain time. Best of all, I finished the virtual PDX Triathlon and it was fun!!!! Remy was there to provide support and cheer us on (while maintaining social distance, of course). I now consider Remy both a coach and friend." 

Nichole Swanberg 

"Thank you, Remy and the Beginner Buddies! Though we didn't get to train together like we had planned pre-COVID19 we still got to train and do our Triathlon's and to get coached by Remy. It would great for the group to get together sometime. A lot of the reason I joined not only the club but the Beginner's program was to meet and train with other people. I want to give a big thanks to Lisa Alfano who went out with me for my first ever open water swim at Vancouver Lake a week before I did my first Tri! I'm not afraid of the water but am of open water so that was a HUGE obstacle for me. Congrats to everyone and I loved seeing all the Facebook posts and pictures! Jennifer Lummus

"This whole experience, while odd due to the shutdown, was quite wonderful and that is due to the people that helped me throughout the last 12 weeks.  It was terrific to know that I had the support and guidance when needed and the knowledge and experience designing the workouts.  I also enjoyed the other beginners and hope there’s an opportunity to get to know some of you better.  Thank you!  And I’m looking forward to more." Beth Baxter

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